Kimpaş Kimyevi Maddeler Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş was founded in 1982 and the company has been operating in an area of 6.000 m2 located in Gebze Plastics Organized Industrial Zone. The primary products are classified as Masterbatch, Polyethylene (PE) wire coating powder, Polyethylene (PE) textile coating powder and rotation powder. KİMPAŞ A.Ş operates under international standards in its area of activity (for Masterbatch, Polyethylene powder types and rotation powder) and conducts regular researches in laboratories on relevant materials and products for sustainability and improvement of the quality. The technological advancements are followed closely. In order to increase our share in national and international markets and to provide our company with a rapid growth potential our primary strategies are:

- Reinforcing the company by increasing its production capacity
- Increasing the growth rate by diversifying our marketing techniques
- Complying with the requirements of the globalizing world by renovating our company and its technology
- Providing our customers high quality with an affordable price
- Reinforcing our foundation through environmental and occupational safety
- Following the advancing technology rather than the previous technology.
- Standing as an innovative company by investing in Research & Development and Quality Control departments and by focusing on customer satisfaction